I'm on a mission! 

A group of passionate Washington State advocates and I are working together to protect the Affordable Care Act. 

The ACA is still under attack. Outreach programs have been de-funded, the enrollment period has shortened and subsidies are not guaranteed. Medically fragile people like me are at risk for losing coverage - which means death for many of us - if the market continues to de-stabilize.

This is an urgent matter and we don’t have much time! A team of Washington state activists are working together to pull off a 3-4 week road trip during the enrollment period which is Nov 1-Dec 15. Our hope is to help people get signed up, interview locals about their health care worries and wishes, and pull together a network of health care advocates so we can fight this together.

Will you help fund this RV trip so that we can protect our healthcare system and medically fragile people?

DONATE: You can learn more about the mission and donate to our Youcaring campaign at this link!

VOLUNTEER: We need volunteers to help coordinate the trip AND people all around the country to host Pop-up Sign-up ACA Events. We'd love to have your skills and passion on our Crew! You can enter your information in this form. (please follow up if you don't hear back, we're swamped!)

JOIN US: We'd love to have you join our Facebook group: Jules Journey to Save ACA where we'll post Live Facebook videos, articles about the fight against repealing the ACA, and updates on how the campaign is going!

Stay tuned - more information including free documents on How to Host Awesome Activist Events coming very soon.