Ep 50 I have Bipolar with John

John shares his journey of being diagnosed with Bipolar I.


Some organizations and charities that I believe are very impactful and wide-reaching:

National Institute of Mental Health- widest reaching and most cutting edge research on mental illnesses. Based on their research conducts outreach to other federal institutions. The most impactful federal program pushing general understanding and treatment of mental illnesses.

National Alliance on Mental Illness- Everyone knows NAMI. Huge grassroots organization dedicated to the improvement of people who struggle with mental illness or disorders' lives. Provides a multitude of resources for those who struggle with mental illnesses and their loved ones. I've personally been to NAMI support groups. The group also fights to end stigma surrounding mental illness.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention- Country wide foundation focused on supporting research of the causes of suicide, providing necessary resources for those who have suicidal thoughts, and providing support for those who have lost loved ones to suicide. Provides many extremely important services and leads the way in attempting to combat rising suicide rates in America.

There are many more, I figure you don't want to spam your site with a ton of different stuff. But do let me know if you want more.

For resources:

Found this Seattle Times article you can post or poach from with most of what I was going to say for crisis resources


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