New Stories Coming: Gen X is Changing the World


"I remember seeing a man carrying a baby in public for the first time," I said to a younger friend on the phone earlier today. "I was at an airport in my early twenties and of course, in my progressive family I'd seen men hold kids, but never in public. That's how much the world has changed in the last 25 years." All she said was "woooooahhh."

I was born in 1971, smack in the middle of Generation X. In eighth grade, we watched in horror as the space shuttle blew up. I was a freshman in college when the Berlin wall came down. We watched Anita Hill take on DC like a boss. We moshed, we raved, we dropped, we hitchiked, we roadtripped, we supported our gay friends coming out, we had babies without marriage, we wore casual clothes to work, we worked from home (hey millennials, we *made* that), we insisted kids get the attention they deserve from both parents, we were cool with moms who work, we said *yes* to dads being stay-at-home-parents, we support our gay, bi and trans kids. Singles make up one of the fastest growing demographics in the country, especially unmarried women with disposable incomes. Our generation didn't get wrapped up too tightly in traditional roles. We've pivoted and morphed as technology has changed the world more in our adult lifetime than any adults before us. We've literally changed the world.

But we also fell into some some outdated mindsets - myself included. I still feel so much shame around not having kids or living in a house with a picket fucking fence. There is so much to examine right now as women, as men, about how we move forward in this new world with ever-changing tectonics. The world is literally shifting beneath all of us and the stories that have been rearranging in my brain and on my desk are ready to be heard, seen and felt.

There will be some uncomfortable topics that I will cover - for both men and women - regarding sexuality, sexual harassment, the Patriarchy. My hope isn't to make any feel bad about where they are on their journey, but rather start a conversation about  what the #metoo movement and so many things happening right now actually MEAN in the context of one white woman's life. I'm going to link to other writers, especially women of color. Because my experiences ARE ONLY MINE. A Muslim woman in Chicago, an immigrant domestic worker in Texas, a sex worker in Las Vegas, a black lawyer woman in Georgia, are ALL GOING TO HAVE VASTLY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES as they walk through this world. I personally enjoy reading a diverse group of authors and hope that you'll become more interested in hearing stories from a diverse group of women too.

I ALSO will be encouraging readers to share their own stories. Because this is the thing about this *backlash* that Fox News and others are purporting: it can't happen if MILLIONS of women are saying "I've also had that experience." That's what's been so powerful about the #metoo Movement - IT WAS LAUNCHED BY GENERATION X WOMEN who aren't *going* to shut up. They shut us down in the 90s before the Internet. But we're older now, we have money, and we aren't GOING ANYWHERE.

I have faith that the Gen X men - as confused as they may be feeling right now will get woke, they will support these efforts, just as they supported us going back to work and helped move the needle forward on so many issues. I'm so proud of us as a Generation, for so many reasons. 

I'm POSITIVE many of the men I've known for years are thinking "we all knew Julie Negrin would come back to kick our ass." And I will, but in the most gentle and compassionate way - and always from a place of love. I want my boys to come of age in a world that welcomes and supports them. I want men to feel loved and supported too. Why would I want anything else? Us women don't function like the Patriarchy, domination and destruction are not our jam.

The goal is to break that cycle.

After I click *post* on this, I will HAVE to write my stories. Same set-up. Photo, 1000 word limit, 30 days (maybe more??), write the day of which is scary as hell when some personal shit is going to come up - but writing too far in advance makes me overthink it. The raw, good stuff comes out only under pressure.

Wish me luck!! And please know I'm excited for others to share their stories too!!

[[This photo is from a camping trip in WA state probably late 90s - and I seriously wore that much purple for no other reason than I love the color. You can't see all of them but I'm wearing purple platform Sketcher shoes too. :)]]


Much love,

This is part of a writing project where I challenge myself to write 1000 word story for 30 days using old photos and different writing prompts. This particular set of stories will focus on my experiences as a (white) Gen X woman. Please note that I'm just one white weirdo writer, who has recently entered the #disabled world. I recommend reading women writers from all backgrounds and ethnicities to gain a deeper understanding of intersectional feminism. 

#ReadingRec: Have you checked out The Establishment? Ijeoma Oluo recently wrote "What Type of Man Do You Want to Be?" - it's an excellent piece.