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My Online Memorial "30 Stories of Life Before Disability" #JulesStories

Transforming from an independent, able-bodied working gal into a dependent, unemployed disabled person has been the most traumatic experience of my life. Worse than chemo. Worse than surgery. Worse than anything.

At least during those experiences, I knew they'd be over in a finite amount of time. They would end, and I'd either live or die. 

This. This has been the biggest mind-fuck of all. I kept thinking over and over again that I would get back to my old self, or close to it. So many times, I used the analogy of trying to swim back to shore. For years, I kept swimming toward a shore that seemed to get further away instead of closer. 

It was only this summer that I realized that I wasn't getting any closer to that shore of my previous life because I would never, ever get there.

Instead, I was marooned on an island for the Disabled. It's been the most humbling and eye-opening experience of my life.

When I felt like I couldn't go on this past summer, it was because I couldn't go on WITH THAT SAME OUTLOOK/PERSPECTIVE/PERSONALITY of the able-bodied person I was. I had to let her go. And embrace the outlook/perspective/personality of my newly Disabled Self. That's the only way to get through this.

I felt like I had to honor the woman I used to be before I let her go. So I wrote 30 stories from my able-bodied life leading up to 2013. Here are links to each post

I was miserable when I was hot 1a

I felt like an alien 2a

I like being aggressive 3a

I hate the drug prednisone 4a

I so weird 5a

I lived in Lake Placid 6a

I worked on a kibbutz 7a

He wanted to buy me 8a

I visited concentration camps in Poland 9a

I went to grad school 10a

I was a disco angel 11a

I've always been a mama 12a

I was one of the guys 13a

I went to Costa Rica alone 14a

I lived in NYC on 9/11 15a

I loved being slutty 16a

I landed my dream job 17a

I was on the Today Show 18a

I got a tattoo in Brazil 19a

I was an awful dater 20a

I jumped out of a plane 21a

I was on Sesame Street 22a

I started my business 23a

I worked for Dr. Oz 24a

I became an auntie 25a

I spoke at conferences 26a

I went to the White House 27a

I published a cookbook 28a

I got melanoma 29a

I moved to California 30a

Thanks for reading this far! I'll be sharing more stories in the near future. Right now I'm doing everything I can to prevent the government from repealing the Affordable Care Act so I can stay covered and alive! 

Stay tuned for the next batch of stories.... 

Much love,

Feminist Stories from a Gen X Woman

I don't like being labeled 28w 

I like looking androgynous 27w

I became a bitch 26w

I didn't want to marry 25w

I was scared to negotiate 24w

I've helped raise good men 23w

I never had a childhood 22w

I've always been loud 21w

Calling women crazy is lazy 20w

He assumed I'd be his girlfriend 19w

I called myself a leader 18w

I felt like a loser 17w

I promised not to forget 16w

I did it the hard way 15w

I taught teens how to cook 14w

I met Marianne Williamson 13w

I'm treated like an idiot 12w

I drank to forget 11w

He slithered his arm around me 10w

I love to travel alone 9w

I can not shut up 8w

I couldn't enjoy my body 7w

I closed down my heart 6w

I was a mouthy girl 5w

I should have kissed him 4w

Do you have a boyfriend? 3w

I hated being a redhead 2w

I was born a fighter 1w

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