HELP KEEP ME ALIVE! #julesjourney Fall 2017 RV TRIP U.S.A.

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If you're new to my story, I've had four cancers due to a genetic disorder called Lynch Syndrome: colon, ovarian, endometrial, and melanoma. Because I lost four organs, I'm now disabled and had to move in with family. I've fought HARD for the Affordable Care Act since November, 2016. I was honored to speak with Senator Patty Murray and Senator Maria Cantwell in May and with Representative Pramila Jayapal in July. And I was on King 5 News in Seattle because I pledged to refuse medical treatment if the ACA was repealed - thankfully, all of you worked hard to prevent that from happening! 

The ACA is still not safe though! Several Senators are gearing up to repeal it again and we can't let that happen. Instead, we need Congress to focus on IMPROVING the ACA so that our medical system stays safe and it becomes affordable for EVERYONE. 

My dream is to travel around the country in an RV - since I need special food and a bathroom (one of the organs I lost was my colon!) - talking to people about their healthcare stories and learn more about how we can improve the ACA for everyone. A lot of people don't realize that each state executes the ACA differently which is why people have such different experiences!

The hope is to end the trip in Washington DC where we gather together for an event and lobby our Congress members. 

We don't have much time! If I'm going to travel before the weather worsens, I'd need to leave by end of October. I hope to be on the road 4-6 weeks.

I'm working with Katherine Cleland who is a marketing maven on this project! We need LOTS of help. We need people to help organize the trip, host events in cities around the country, create a crowd-sourcing page, map out the trip, and all kinds of things!

We created a form to find volunteers. PLEASE feel free to share with friends that live in different states. We didn't list EVERY state but we're open to hearing if you have contacts or family in a particular area that want to participate. Just add it to the form!

Here it is:

Thanks so much for reading this far and helping make #julesjourney a REALITY!

Much love,