I am scared for TPN 4.14.19

I am scared for TPN 4.14.19

I don’t take a lot of photos when the pain is really bad. I also don’t like taking a lot of photos when my weight is down. It’s sunk down several times over the last couple of years but I managed to pull it back up.

The reason I took all those professional photos last year was because I liked my weight then and worried I wouldn’t be able to keep it there.

This could change when I’m on TPN (Total parenteral nutrition “is a method of feeding that bypasses the gastrointestinal tract. Fluids are given into a vein to provide most of the nutrients the body needs. The method is used when a person cannot or should not receive feedings or fluids by mouth.” - Google)

One of my registered dietitian friends - I have a lot of them because I’ve been in the field for so many years - has been recommending TPN for a long time because it bypasses the gut and gives nutrients entirely through the IV to the blood.

It has sounded terrifying for the past year or so when she has been advocating for it. The main risk is liver toxicity from long-term use. It could mean blowing out my PICC line more often as well. I’m sure there are other risks, but I don’t do a lot of medical research on the Internet anymore.

For two reasons:

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