I can't think straight 4.16.19

I can't think straight 4.16.19

I didn’t buy the beet infused yogurt shown in the photo. I don’t know why. It would be good to try to get the beet nutrients as well as the fat and protein in the yogurt in this body. I’ve decided, I’m going to get it next time I’m at this store.

It’s just that I have so much fear around food now! It’s so frustrating to feel this way after years of enjoying so much incredible food during my culinary career.

When I had the inflammatory bowel disease in my twenties, I also had a lot of fear around food. This is not a surprise! Pain will certainly cause aversion to foods. At this point in my life, if I even look at hot macaroni and cheese - my system has never done well with hot cheese and wheat long before the 2014 surgery - my stomach clenches.

It’s not easy for people newly diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease to omit foods from their diet. But I always encourage them to give it a try. Often, they feel so much better off certain foods that they tell me they feel the same way when they think about eating something that causes pain. Not worth it.

There were so many things I could

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