Do I risk eating fish? 6.5.19

Do I risk eating fish? 6.5.19

I’ve been spending all day wondering if I should try to eat fish tonight.

I’m never sure how to convey what it’s like to spend SO much of my mental bandwidth thinking about something like that. Should I do two IV bags today instead of one? Should I try that new protein drink? Or is it too risky since I started that other one and still assessing?

The list goes on and on.

It’s hard to believe my athletic dad is using a walker, isn’t it?

So many able-bodied people just don’t understand how it works for medically fragile people.

You can be fine one minute and hospitalized at the brink of death the next.

It’s simply our reality. And yet, so seemingly hard for so many able-bodied to wrap their heads around.

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