I got IV nutrients 3.7.19

I got IV nutrients 3.7.19

My body hurts. I didn’t want to write here. Then I started thinking about how these are the days that people don’t hear about. The days where I crawl into bed after an appointment - I got some tryptophan in my IV bag which makes me sleepy - put on some music and doze off.

So much of my life resembles an elderly person. I don’t know how to convey that to the doctors, that I’m so tired of not being able to eat enough food, so tired of not being believed that things are worsening.

I can tell what’s going on with my body. I can feel how things are going. I’ve been paying close attention to it since I was a young woman and had the inflammatory bowel disease.

I know when it’s not good. I remember in August 2013, I thought to myself: do I have cancer?

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