I'm trying to find silver linings 6.3.19

I'm trying to find silver linings 6.3.19

My mom just called. She had to take my dad into the ER because his ankle was super swollen. Because he has those clots sitting in his leg - that could break off any time and cause another stroke or heart attack - they had him come in.

His primary doctor wanted him to go to the hospital system that fucked this up and caused a lot of these issues. My mom didn’t want to take him there. I assured her that the more recent hospital he was in was the best bet. My poor mom. She looks like a zombie most days.

It’s hard to watch.

They didn’t really understand all this time what a nightmare it is to be be disabled, rely on medical supplies and home health. Even though they saw me go through it! I know that denial is their coping mechanism for a lot of this. But still.

Now, she’s got a stack of mail sitting there.

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