I never look back 3.5.19

I never look back 3.5.19

I love science fiction. I usually pin that on my brothers but I also think it’s because I’ve struggled with health problems for most of my life.

I dream of living in a world where things like fucked up intestines can be fixed.

There are all kinds of movies and shows I think about reviewing or discussing through a feminist lens, but haven’t been sure where to house that kind of content.

Well, I decided to just go for it here. Too much running around this brain. I’m gonna write whatever the FUCK I want on this site. I’m tired of corrupt tech companies profiting off my content anyway.

I don’t run into people that have seen the movie Gattaca often. I’m not a huge fan of Ethan Hawke (not even in the 90s!) but I LOVE this movie.

I haven’t seen it in awhile and I’m intentionally not reading about it on the Internet because I want my memories of it to be pure.

Without giving too much away in case you want to see it, it takes place in the future where a person’s entire life - including the kinds of jobs they can get - are determined after their blood and DNA are taken at birth.

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