Fucking fake cheesecake 5.4.19

Fucking fake cheesecake 5.4.19

I had a lot of dreams last night. I used to always have a lot of dreams. But now I take so many herbal concoctions in order to sleep, I rarely remember if I’ve had them, let alone the details.

I haven’t talked about all my sleeping problems. That’s for another day.

One of the dreams I had last night, I was dying my hair and it was long again. It was should length. I was annoyed the entire time because I couldn’t get they dye to evenly distribute in my hair (I’ve been dying and cutting my own hair for years - I would have become a hair stylist in another life).

I remember thinking: ugh I wish I had short hair again, this is such a pain in the ass!

People have been asking me to help interpret their dreams for years. I love it. And NO I don’t go by the goofy interpretations you can find online. I talk about how the dream is significant in the person’s life.

I would guess this has to do with my unconscious toying with the idea of going back to some of my old ways, or at least revisiting the old me.

Hair represents the feminine in so many ways. It’s interesting because

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