Omega 3 Fats are important! 7.19.19

Omega 3 Fats are important! 7.19.19

Here I am, five years after surgery, scrolling through the Internet and my old files for recipes!

Sometimes when people heard I was a nutritionist and my dad the hardcore athlete, and his cousin is a homeopathic doctor, they exclaim: oh! how fortunate that you’re all experts in those areas given your health issues.

Um. Yeah. It was just coincidence!

I started studying nutrition on my own in…1991 when I was twenty years old. I was a senior in college, finally buckling down in my studies, trying to be a “grown-up,” which let’s face, still trying to do that. (Does anyone really, truly feel like a grown-up, I wonder?) and I found this book called the Self-Healing Cookbook by Kristina Turner. It’s a macrobiotic cookbook written by a woman here in the Seattle area and basically inspired my entire culinary/food/nutrition career.

It was the very first cookbook that I cooked from on my own (not including my grandma’s chocolate chip cookie recipes and all the Betty Crocker recipes I made as a kid) and it’s still on the shelf.

For anyone new to macrobiotic cooking - which I think should come back in style, it’s about time, so tired of these trendy things that omit healthy carbs, makes me bananas, spinach is a carb! I’d holler to my students when they asked me about paleo, don’t even get me started about keto

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