Taking a moment to BREATHE 5.2.19

Taking a moment to BREATHE 5.2.19

I realized I feel less frenetic than I have in quite some time.

Though my diet shrank, whatever was causing the worst of the symptoms starting in mid-February seems to have calm down. I’m holding the current weight steady. My dad is…well, he’s hanging in there. They had to take him off the immunotherapy because his lungs overreacted to it and caused a ton of coughing. He’s now on prednisone! I keep warning him that he’s going to feel like he can climb Mt. Everest, but you know how that kind of advice goes over with parents. I have a doctor team in place, in case things get bad again.

But they saw his doctor early this morning and he seems hopeful that they can take care of my dad. I, of course, don’t trust any medical people easily. But he is highly recommended at SCCA and he’s really kind to my dad. That matters a lot.

I know that another shoe could drop.

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