I miss my dad 7.28.19

I miss my dad 7.28.19

I miss my dad.

Hurts my heart. I think I wrote in here that it literally hurts. A tightness in my chest and literal pain.

I can go out and act normal for awhile but then it hits me like a sledge hammer.

I am never going to see my dad again.

I have so many questions!

Somehow. Though exhausted, I dragged my ass to the running store yesterday that was on the way home from Bothell where my class was. I walk so much that I wear out my shoes quickly.

My dad taught me that. Running - and in my case, walking - shoes should be replaced very 400 miles. My feet were aching the last time I walked so I forced myself to go even though I hadn’t eaten eggs in a couple of days, and was very hungry. I almost get so hungry, I’m not hungry.

It’s weird. Hard to explain to somebody who has never experienced hunger, real hunger, for a long time.

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