I'm doing dangerous things (not on purpose) 5.27.19

I'm doing dangerous things (not on purpose) 5.27.19

I’m under a little stress over here.

Just a teeny weeny bit.

I don’t know how to describe it so I’ll share a story instead.

After coming home from the hospital and a brief respite with M where we tried to find me a restaurant that would give me JUST broth. The first place, they were total dicks about it. I try to be very patient and make it clear that I’m not asking because I’m on some trendy diet. I very carefully say: I actually lost organs to cancer so I can’t risk getting food stuck in there and need just plain broth.

No go. The (young male) server then added insult to injury and said: my friend had cancer and can still eat regular food.

I’m sure you can imagine how I felt after hearing THAT. I said a little bit testier: I’m sorry to hear about your friend but situation is completely different. I had 3 at once and lost several organs.

You’ll think I’m making this up but Megan will confirm his response: why are you comparing yourself to my friend? You shouldn’t do that.

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