I'm doing dangerous things (not on purpose) 5.27.19

I'm doing dangerous things (not on purpose) 5.27.19

I’m under a little stress over here.

Just a teeny weeny bit.

I don’t know how to describe it so I’ll share a story instead.

After coming home from the hospital and a brief respite with M where we tried to find me a restaurant that would give me JUST broth. The first place, they were total dicks about it. I try to be very patient and make it clear that I’m not asking because I’m on some trendy diet. I very carefully say: I actually lost organs to cancer so I can’t risk getting food stuck in there and need just plain broth.

No go. The (young male) server then added insult to injury and said: my friend had cancer and can still eat regular food.

I’m sure you can imagine how I felt after hearing THAT. I said a little bit testier: I’m sorry to hear about your friend but situation is completely different. I had 3 at once and lost several organs.

You’ll think I’m making this up but Megan will confirm his response: why are you comparing yourself to my friend? You shouldn’t do that.

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Warm weather is hurting me 5.7.19

Warm weather is hurting me 5.7.19

I’m not doing so well in this warm weather. I was so wrecked yesterday from a long doctor appointment, the weather and my class, I didn’t have time to write in here!

I feel like such a Debbie Downer that I’m not thrilled about the warm weather.

Not being able to eat hardly anything as a former culinary person is one kind of hell.

Being trapped indoors on beautiful days is a whole other level of torture.

Climate change is definitely going to be tough on a lot of medically fragile and elderly. Our systems can’t always handle the heat.

I’ve been giving myself daily IV saline bags (sometimes with amino acids and vitamins) since May of 2017. I’ve noticed my need for more and more saline has gone up, slowly over the past two years.

During the winter last year, I NEVER needed more than one bag. This winter, I gave myself two bags per day quite a bit.

There is a drug

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The warm weather is tough 5.5.19

The warm weather is tough 5.5.19

I used to love Cinco de Mayo. Strangely, I can’t remember any in particular.

Actually, that’s probably not so strange.

I’m very tired today. This warm weather is already wreaking havoc on my sensitive system. FUCK!!! I didn’t have to start taking the fluticasone until end of June last year. I’m already on two liters per day now and STILL drying out like mad. The weather didn’t used to be this warm so early in May!

Fuck climate change. And fuck all the people who keep pretending it’s not real. People like me will die as the weather inches up, while far too many people keep acting like they aren’t also at risk.

It’s so strange to me when people are in denial about how a destroyed habitat will affect the animals living in that habitat.

We think we’re so smart, humans. But I think we’re the only animals that are stupid enough to destroy our own habitat, while sipping our lattes in single-use cups, and planning our 7th plane trip for the year, without considering the impact those flights have on the atmosphere.

No biggie!!!

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