What is normal anyway? 5.31.19

What is normal anyway? 5.31.19

There was a woman standing on the corner of 15th yesterday. After acupuncture, I forced myself to stop and get some vegan ice cream. I know that sounds weird but I really do have to force myself to seek it out now.

The store bought brands make me gag. The two little shops on 15th rotate their flavors often enough that I try to buy a couple of pints when I’m nearby. High quality vegan ice cream is a good source of calories.

Definitely better than those awful meringue cookies from Trader Joe’s that I only eat because I like the crunch, which I miss desperately.

You know by now that I hate sitting in judgment of how people look and/or drawing conclusions about them based on their outsides.

But for the purposes of my story, I must describe her.

She was wearing

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