I survived outside my cocoon! 5.19.19

I survived outside my cocoon! 5.19.19

I wish I could find better words to describe what it’s like to go from able-bodied to disabled in a relatively short amount of time - and at mid-life.

First, let me explain a few things. I’ve had issues with my GI track since I was 17 years old. I’ve had to be careful about what I eat for several decades. Even during my “healthy” years, I still didn’t eat a lot of things. I’ve never tolerated dairy and wheat very well - though a little here and there is ok. I can tolerate sheep and goat milk products much better than cow (it has to do with the size of the animals but that nutrition explanation is for another day).

However, when it comes to my physical strength - and not the functioning of my organs - I’ve been really, really lucky. I’m very chill about when and how I share this kind of information. I’m the last generation that believes in being humble! I used to read Miss Manners for FUN.

Plus, I’ve spent enough time about hardcore athletes droning on and on about their workouts and whatever else, that I’ve made a point to keep my athletic experiences mostly to myself.

But as I grow my online presence (this is just the beginning - even though I am feeling the urge to share a post on Facebook to clarify that I’ve never wanted this job - being out in the public SO much about so many personal things is not exactly a dream come true - and to fight evil? That may have sounded appealing during my healthier years, but now I’m fucking tired and older. And the whole thing sounds exhausting. I want to do what my peers are doing! But alas, I took the job. So now I will do it. And do it the best I possibly can), I will be sharing more exercises I’ve developed in order to improve poor motility function, and prevent injury.

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