Very tired today brain sputtering 7.26.19

Very tired today brain sputtering 7.26.19

Sometimes at night, when I’m doing my routine, and on the freaking hamster treadmill, trying to jiggle my sluggish intestines so they’ll do their job, I’ll work on a podcast.

Now that I don’t have curtains on the windows, I’m a little more wary of this. It’s taken me awhile to get organized. Tasks like that take me weeks and weeks. I have to find that random 45 minutes to run to Target. I tried looking online but I’m not a great online shopper. I’m still old-school. Also, my mom is a very talented seamstress, so I spent a good portion of my childhood playing in fabric stores.

I like to feel the fabric. Think about how it will look. Hard to do that on a little screen!

I’m fully capable of installing my own curtain rods. I’ve done it in many apartments. I thoroughly enjoyed my last apartment in San Diego for many reasons but a big one was having handy men on-site! Of course, I always enjoy hanging with the people that work with their hands. I was very good friends with the people who cleaned my kitchen at my director job at the JCC. Higher ups were always asking me: how did you * get * so and so to do X?

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