I got out of the house 3.2.19

I had a weird day yesterday March 2nd. I’m writing this the next day - I have to be transparent about that - my brain can’t do the usual social media organizing, writing ahead, post this then blah blah blah. I don’t care about any of that anymore. Couldn’t care less about the number of followers, all that bullshit. I never really did. I just have to post and write and say what I need to post and write and say. It’s strange to me that people think I WOULD care.

My needs and wants are relatively simple these days: I want to be able to eat, shit and stay alive.

It was a decent day - I got out of bed and wanted to be in the sunshine so I went to Capitol Hill to get some vegan ice cream from Sugar Plum. It’s an awesome little plant-based dessert place. The young woman was super interesting to chat with.

When I’ve been cooped up and in bed for days, I’ll run a really basic errand to stay connected to the outer world. I never know when I’ll have energy so it makes it challenging to make plans with people. Plus engaging is tiring, so if I’m not in the mood to chat, I can run the errand, feel productive and go home. Sometimes I want a little conversation.

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