My new doctor is awesome 6.7.19

My new doctor is awesome 6.7.19

I was worried about my face so last night, I emailed my new primary care doctor who is AMAZING. When I woke up late, for me, at 9 something, I had a message that they’d put me in a 10:45 appointment. I went in, we decided I need antibiotics.

On the way out, I asked the young woman at the front desk: should I stop at the drug store on the way home? You’re so much faster here than anyone else! She said: yep, the prescription should be there.

It was.

So, I think what’s been happening is when food gets stuck in corners or twisted sections of my intestines, it creates toxins. In Chinese Medicine, when there are these types of sores on the skin, it means the toxins are trying to get out. And in my new herbal book - YES I ACTUALLY READ SOME OF IT LAST NIGHT, it happened to open to a page on detox, and strangely enough I REMEMBER WHAT IT SAID, ok probably because I read like one paragraph BUT STILL I REMEMBERED IT - it said that the skin is usually the LAST place the body likes to get rid of toxins.

I really, really wish I had time to start experimenting with herbal concoctions.

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