I don't miss old me 4.25.19

I don't miss old me 4.25.19

I’ve eaten 5 eggs this week. Oh joy! Of course, I’ve been downing the high protein almond milk and broth and whatever else I can get down, but DANG sometimes I can’t believe how much I end up doing with so little food. The body is a truly remarkable organism.

I’m tired now but if I want to eat eggs, I’ll have to do some Movement tonight. The choice between food and rest is always a tough one. I usually choose food!

This photo is from my old life in New York City. I had a photographer friend take “professional” photos which I planned on using for my own business. Maybe I did use this photo.

I dreamed of launching my own business for my entire life. Even as a kid, there was no allure for me to do the “keeping house” bit since I was already doing that as a small kid. No thank you to cleaning and taking care of kids all day, I remember thinking around 8 years old. Thankfully, there was just enough culture changes happening around me to know that I didn’t necessarily have to DO the typical path.

In 2008, I decided to leave my sweet job running a culinary program and work for myself. I knew so many freelancers in New York City, I knew it was possible to go that route.

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