Debrief on CA trip 3.3.19

I got back from California one week ago but it feels like it’s been a month. That’s the strangest part of my current life. I realize a lot of people feel like time is moving really fast. I don’t know how it feels for everyone else, obviously. But for me, my health issues happen unexpectedly. So whatever I was doing is interrupted and I have to drop everything else, quickly pivot, and address whatever crisis has arisen. It’s super frustrating! I hate not being able to count on consistency in this life. Often, I turn around and an entire month and all of the plans I had for that month are lost in the blur of pain and crisis. All the trauma makes this especially challenging. I keep having new trauma, boom, boom, boom, over and over again.

Let’s back up and start again: I forget that ONE day, when people know about this blog, I may have readers that don’t know my story. You can read an overview of my story here to catch up.

I went to San Diego mid-February for what was supposed to be a restorative 10 day trip. I would visit my old clinic, get IV vitamin infusions since they take Medicare, talk to a couple of new doctors and meet with my old primary doctor that focuses on hormone replacement therapy. I had plans! To walk on the beach!

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