update: i'm ok just busy & tired 8.16.19

For my three readers out there, I’m OK! It’s just been one thing after another and of course, now I can’t stop sleeping.

The good news is that something shifted that evening I got the tattoo. I understand now why people want to keep getting them. Or maybe it was just time for a shift.

I think I will keep writing in here, I just need a small break and to think about how I want to do this. Also, I’m trying to organize my physical space and that takes a lot out of me, so sometimes I can churn out content while I’m also focusing on a project like that.

I’m ok. I’m tired as fuck. I’m hanging in though. I’ve got good plans for the weekend. I’m hopeful that things may calm down around here, even for a few months, which would be so freaking amazing, I’m not sure what I need to do for me and my overall health, but I’ll keep at it.

Thanks for anyone who even checks in here once in awhile.

Much love,