eCOURSE: How to Teach Cooking to Kids

Do you have a passion for food and educating young minds about how to eat well?

Do you need advice on how to get started as a freelance cooking teacher or how to start your own culinary program?

Do you dream of making a difference in your community while also generating income?


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The three biggest mistakes people make when creating a cooking program and how to avoid them.

The five questions you MUST be able to answer before deciding on menus for your classes.
The bare bones cooking equipment you need to teach cooking to kids in any classroom.
The best recipes to introduce to new students and which recipes to avoid when your students are still learning to trust you.
The BIG secret to getting people to register for your classes.
How to get the ball rolling with your own cooking classes and/or program when you have no idea where to start!


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This comprehensive four-week course will enable you to combine your love of cooking and teaching kids into a marketable skill. Each week, during our 90 minute group conference calls, you will learn how to modify recipes to make them kid-friendly and nutritionally sound, write a lesson plan, work with a small budget, identify safe kitchen tasks for each age group, work with limited kitchen appliances, integrate nutrition education, manage a group of children, and teach a successful cooking class and/or manage a thriving cooking program for your organization. You'll have access to sample lesson plans, recipe ideas, class descriptions, and a suggested kitchen equipment list that includes costs. This course, presented along with weekly, skill-building assignments, will give you an in-depth understanding of how to create your own cooking program and teach cooking to kids ages 2-18 years old.

This course is designed for registered dietitians, teachers, chefs, health care professionals, program directors, and anyone interested in creating a kids culinary program as their own business or for an organization.


• Four 90-minute LIVE weekly classes that you can access over the phone and Internet.

• Downloadable RECORDINGS of each class that you can access any time.
• 30-minute "office hours" with Julie after each 90-minute class.

• 40+ pages of hand-outs and comprehensive PowerPoint presentations on each topic.

• Downloadable e-Cookbook, Easy Meals to Cook with Kids, which includes 50 kid-friendly recipes and tasks that are appropriate for each age group. Gold members will receive a hard copy shipped to them.
• Downloadable 20+ page e-Booklet, How to Teach Cooking to Kids.

• Templates for class descriptions, menus, recipes, and a customized program plan for your organization.
• All the documents, checklists, equipment requirements and knowledge you'll need to create your own cooking program and/or cooking classes.

Skill building assignments that you can work on each week so that you will end the course with your own customized kid-friendly recipes, lesson plans and class descriptions.
• Access to Julie's network of top professionals and organizations around the country.


This is an online course so all you need is a phone and Internet access.

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$495 for the Gold version, which includes four weekly one-hour coaching sessions with Julie and a hard copy edition of Easy Meals to Cook with Kids. Limited spots.
$325 for the Silver version which includes unlimited e-mail support throughout the course.

If you are a full-time student or work full-time in the public school system, you may be eligible for a special rate. Email info @ julienegrin dot com to receive instructions on how to register for this special offer.


"Julie Negrin's e-course is phenomenal, providing you with a step-by-step guideline in the development of successful cooking classes for kids! Julie meets you where you are - If you are a beginner to the kids cooking cooking realm, this class is a must - you will learn everything you need to know about teaching cooking to kids. If you have been doing kids cooking classes for a few years, like myself, this class is a must - your kids cooking classes will become streamlined, organized and professional - kids are going to be rushing to take your courses! This course is a complete, all-inclusive package and being a gold member with the option for personal weekly phone calls was tremendous. I was able to take the knowledge I learned and apply it to a brand new kids garden and cooking class - without this course, my classes would not have been what they are today. Thank you Julie!!" - Jen Haugen, RD, LD, Hy-Vee Grocery Store Dietitian

"We signed up five of our registered dietitians for Julie's eCourse, How to Teach Cooking to Kids a few months ago. This summer, we launched our H-E-B Kids in the Kitchen Cooking Series and have all seen phenomenal results. The parents are loving it and the kids are having fun too. Plus, I have been able to apply the same classes to other community centers (daycares, etc) so the eCourse was helpful for getting our group organized to have the materials all set and ready to go. The company has been very pleased with the program as a whole!" -Kylie Bentley, RD, LD, RDN, H-E-B Grocery Store Regional Dietitian Nutritionist

"Julie's e-course on How to Teach Cooking to Kids was fantastic. I chose the Gold version and her guidance was invaluable. She acted like a mentor during those weeks, offering valuable feedback not only on the subjects related to the course but also on my job search. Taking her e-course was a key component of my success and I landed a full-time position at City Harvest four months later. Thanks for being such a wonderful instructor and career coach, Julie!" - Julieta Velasco, Nutrition Education Manager at City Harvest

I took Julie’s e-course almost two years, time flies. Thanks for all of the great tips & insight, Julie. I love teaching cooking classes and couldn't be happier. Your class gave me the confidence to go for it!!” – Meredith Hickman Outwater, Owner at Katonah's Cooking


• Determining Space, Budget, Kitchen Equipment, and Staff Support
• Assessing Class Length, Class Size, and Age Groups
• Safety: Food Allergies, Food Safety Courses, Liability Insurance, First Aid
• Class Development and Recipe Modification (Kid-Friendly and Class-Friendly)
• Determining Appropriate Tasks for Each Age Group
• How to work with Limited Equipment and a Small Budget

• Customizing your Own Lesson Plan and Creating Budgets for your Lessons
• Developing Shopping Lists & Determining Food Amounts per Child
• Sourcing Equipment, Funding Opportunities and Finding Assistants
• How to Teach New Cooking Skills and Becoming a Time Management Master
• How to Introduce New Foods to Kids

Need help registering or have questions? Write to us at support @ julienegrin dot com.


I have been teaching kids how to cook for over 15 years. I have been developing original curricula for equally as long and have trained hundreds of people how to cook with kids. I have a master’s degree in nutrition and have worked with some of the best chef instructors in New York City. I wrote a cookbook, Easy Meals to Cook with Kids that received many accolades foremost among them from Mollie Katzen, one of my culinary idols. I’m currently editing a second book, How to Teach Cooking to Kids that all my eCourse students will receive when it’s ready for download – which was inspired by this course! To read more about my work history, head over to my About page or email me with questions at julie @ julienegrin dot com. I’d be happy to answer them!

The photo on the left is a recent photo of one of my students, Ruby and me. She is in a ton of my marketing materials (see right photo) from when she was my student as a grader schooler. We were recently reunited in a Gourmet Cooking for Teens class and I was so happy to hear that she not only still cooks, she worked at a kids cooking camp last summer! It was such a thrill to see her and watch her cook like a pro.


If I can't make the actual class, can I access recordings of it?

Yes, each student will receive an audio MP3 of the course each week along with detailed documents reviewing the course material. Julie is also happy to follow up with you after the course ends if you have any questions. She wants you to feel supported during and after the course so that you will find success!

I'm trying to implement a kids cooking program for my organization/school/company - will this course be relevant to me?

Absolutely! I've worked with many students who took the knowledge back from this course and created phenomenal programs. My students have launched cooking classes at non-profits, schools and through supermarket chains such as, H-E-B in Texas, Hy-Vee in Minnesota, and Whole Foods in Washington state. The beauty of this course is that you'll receive EVERYTHING you need to customize a program for your own business or an organization.

What if I’m not sure exactly where I would teach yet - would this class still be relevant to me?
This course is definitely geared towards people who envision themselves working with kids and cooking in some capacity. If you aren't sure how you'll make that happen yet, that's okay. You'll learn a lot about how to research different places to teach and how to pitch your services.

If I'm still a student in school, will this course be useful to me now?
I do think this course is a smart move for students - it will give them an edge when entering into the job market. The wellness field is growing and will become increasingly in demand as programs, hospitals, schools and non-profits search for ways to cope with the obesity epidemic and educate people about lifestyle changes.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?
Like anything, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. I encourage all my students to complete their homework assignments and take advantage of the office hours. However, I understand that not everyone wants to invest in doing the assignments. This course is available for you to maximize to the fullest extent which could mean up to 1-2 hours of homework a week in addition to the course. Or, you can simply listen to the recordings and review the documents at your leisure later.

If I decide partway through the course to upgrade to the Gold level, can I do that?
Absolutely! Julie will prorate the cost accordingly so that you receive whatever support you need. She also offers business coaching services at a discounted rate for anyone that has taken one of her e-Courses.

Will I have my weekly homework reviewed?
Julie can review your final assignments including class descriptions, lesson plans and recipes. However, she will not be reviewing homework each week - the assignments are for you to work out on your own. If you have questions about them, you can call in during the coaching calls and ask any question you'd like! If you complete the assignments each week, you will end the course with ready-to-go lesson plans and recipes for your own classes.

Photo by Jon Wasserman